" The first ultra-intelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make. "

I. J. Good, 1965


Year ······················· 2019
Direction ·················· The Dystopian Creatives
Narrated by ·················· Rosanna Beatrice, Tove Chepkorir Gøj & Jonathan Majlund Søderberg
Sound design & music ······················ Sizzle Audio
Distribution ······················ Yummy Films
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One Last Message To Us

ALTERED is an anticipation film depicting our evolution as a species. It shows a possible future, one where humans are replaced by sentient beings.
This film is a creative outlet, a collection of uncanny visuals and surrealism inspired imagery. It's a special film and we truly enjoy being able to share it with you.


AI & Transhumanism

The original idea behind the film emerged from an interest for transhumanism. One of the theme explored by ALTERED is the possibilty that one day AI might replace the human species.
In our modern society, technology takes a certain place - quite large actually - and we often times use it to enhance our abilities. Even though we all heard of what’s called big data…

“The Lab” experiments by the machines.

“The Lab” experiments by the machines.

The Corridor scene is one of the representation of the AI “Voice” in the film.

The Corridor scene is one of the representation of the AI “Voice” in the film.


Humble Odyssey

One of our favorite sequence is the Melting Nebula one, right in the middle of the film. It is an allegory for the turmoil that we find ourselves in sometimes. A representation of the fast-paced pulse of our cities. Dystopian Creatives didn’t have the ambition to change the world with this film. Merely expressing an idea, which we think movies are for.



The VO and score makes 50% of this film. Extra care was put into having the right mood and tone and Tom O’Sullivan over at Sizzle Audio did such an incredible job to take it to the next level! His work, combined with the voices of Rosanna, Tove and Jonathan bring an extra dimension to the film.