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Short film2020 - 2021

" Je suis la fille des dunes. Mon n'a jamais cessé de voyager sur les pierres séchées du désert. "

Calligraphy writings by Alyssia Banon

Aleph is the next Dystopian Creatives short film. It will tell the story of Hilala and her vengeance. The genre is science-fiction and the setting is Morocco.

This film is and will remain a self-funded studio project.

Exploring the past

Our past shapes us. Like a long string consisting of a million glass pearls. Some are shinier than others and get all the attention. Aren’t all memories worth looking at?

Daughter of the dunes

One life is certainly short, a glimpse of what humanity has to offer. Will people live the same way in a thousand years?

Endless puzzle

“Halili, what should I do?”

Stuck in an eternal search. One to find meaning. Why are we here? Pass knowledge, provoke emotions, reactions, move lines… the list is, well, endless.

Machines point of view

Aleph is digital, created by the calculating power of computers. How can a digital creation break its own limits?

Abstract writing method

The following list is what fancy people would call a stream of consciousness. I call it a brain dump.
Symbol looking mark on the body, like a burn mark / Standing up in the desert / Light symbol BG lighting the scene / Her yelling at the cam /Mask symbols flashing and doing light trails / Spitting blood / Spitting blood on masked people / Them transforming in huge smoke serpents / Plant dripping drug / Drug-taking / Pollen type drug, makes the wood of the mask react / Trance abstract sequence
Bringing wood real footage projected onto geometry / Pair of glowing eyes shapes as flame sometimes, in the crowd of a Dance floor / Quiet desert place intro shot / Voiceover, in Arabic / A poem maybe
Below are inspirational pictures. Not made by Dystopian Creatives.

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