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At Dystopian Creatives we create the best visuals for your project. We are able to provide both 2D and 3D graphics that will help to define your visual identity. From story writing to the final film/commercial, our team of artists will work side by side to deliver the video you need.

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Motion design as a tool

Often times one image is worth a thousand words, even more so nowadays as animation is used to carry brands philosophy and important messages. At Dystopian Creatives we think, develop and create striking visuals to go on every screens.

Expanded universe

From our studio in Aarhus, Denmark, we collaborate with clients, directors and agencies from Europe, UK and North-America. We work in parallel on media campaigns, commercials, game trailers and films in various production scale and we believe this wide array of expertise is what makes us great collaborators.


  • Year 2018-2020
  • Work by The Dystopian Creatives
  • Music Sizzle Audio

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