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" Paper money is bigger than metal money. Nine comes after eight. And Spring comes after winter, right, Black? Is that right? Black, when the sky turns black why do I feel so blue? "




A different approach

The manga and the film both carry a very special aesthetic. The splashes of colours creating the contrasted city and the gravity of the story are all hand-crafted with love. Paying a tribute to this masterpiece of the anime genre is not an easy task. With patience and love for the original creation, Dystopian Creatives attempts to pay a tribute to the world of Tekkonkinkreet.

Shot by shot

The choice to copy “exactly” some shots of the film was intentional. The goal was to spend hours on crafting a 3D copy of the film. What if “Tekkonkinkreet” was made today and in CG? A few elements had to be there. The planet looking structure Black and White sit on throughout the film, the crazy looking bar with its posters over the walls, the amusement park… We couldn’t put them all in of course! So the hard part was to decide which shots will make it into the cut.

Traditional & Digital

Michael Arias and Studio 4°C did one amazing job at transcribing the universe of Taiyō Matsumoto into a motion picture. Bravo everyone! The art of Tekkon overflows with details, and the admiration for the traditional artists behind the original film only grew during the production of the video. From background painters to animators, the work is stunning. “Tribute to Tekkonkinkreet” is a humble attempt to pay respect to all the artists involved and try to get to their level.

Forever learning.

Special thanks to Katri, John, Simon and Alex for their support.


  • Year 2019
  • Direction The Dystopian Creatives
  • Sound design & music The Dystopian Creatives, with Foley provided by Peter Seeba
  • Tekkonkinkreet Manga by Taiyo Matsumoto Film by Michael Arias and animated by Studio 4°C

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